Stereotaxis Performs First Surgical Robot Procedure with Abbott Cardiac Mapping Tech

Stereotaxis and Abbott Collaborate on Robotic Electrophysiology Procedures

Stereotaxis (NYSE:STXS) and Abbott (NYSE: ABT) have announced the successful completion of the first integrated procedures in the U.S. as part of the companies’ surgical robotics collaboration. The collaboration seeks to combine the Abbott EnSite X EP 3D heart mapping system with Stereotaxis’ robotic magnetic navigation systems, enabling the physicians to utilize real-time diagnostic information with surgical robotics’ precision and stability. The first procedures were completed by physicians at four medical centers, including Weill Cornell Medical Center, Mount Sinai Morningside, Banner University Medical Center Phoenix, and Overland Park Regional Medical Center. The collaboration serves as a game-changer in personalized therapy that envisages a new era of cardiac care, according to Dr. J. Peter Weiss of Banner.

Velosity Appoints Rich Patraw as Head of Operations to Drive Growth and Excellence

Velosity has named Rich Patraw as its Vice President of Operations to oversee the firm’s strategic growth and goals. In his role, Rich will provide essential strategic leadership to the company. Velosity is committed to cultivating excellence and driving growth while maintaining its top-notch services in the industry.

The Galien Foundation’s 2023 Prix Galien USA Awards Recognize Innovations in Cancer Diagnostics and MedTech

The Galien Foundation’s annual Prix Galien USA Awards have recognized a groundbreaking cancer diagnostic and other significant medtech innovations. The awards highlight devices, biotechnology and pharmaceutical products designed to improve the human condition. The announcement is a testament to the quality of the submissions that foresee a prosperous future for the life sciences industry.

FDA’s Latest Cybersecurity Guidance Paves the Way for Safer Medical Devices

The FDA has published updated guidance on best practices for medical device cybersecurity, underscoring the need for manufacturers to adopt robust cybersecurity protocols. The 2023 guidance is a progressive step from the 2014 recommendations and lays the foundation for medical devices to be resilient to evolving cybersecurity threats. Technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and others hold the promise of making diagnoses and treatments more efficient, precise, and personalized.

Biden Administration designates Metro Minneapolis-St. Paul and Puerto Rico as MedTech Hubs

In a competition for $500 million in funding, the Biden Administration has designated the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro and Puerto Rico as medtech hubs. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) chooses the hubs to drive regional innovation and job creation. The development is expected to boost regional economic capabilities and help create jobs while promoting innovation in the healthcare industry.

Arrotek and NeedleTech Merge for Medical Device Design, Development, and Manufacturing Capabilities

Medical device companies Arrotek and NeedleTech are combining under the Arrotek brand, extending their medical device design and manufacturing services to MedTech organizations globally, especially in the US and EU. The merger will create a strengthened portfolio that is in line with the company’s expansion plans and strategic goals.

Stryker to Manufacture Parts of its Renal Denervation Technology in Ireland

Medtronic’s Symplicity Spyral RDN system for treating hypertension might not yet be approved by the FDA. However, as a show of confidence, Stryker has plans to manufacture parts of its renal denervation technology in Ireland. Stryker designed a 3D-printed surface for the Triathlon Tritanium Baseplate targeted at encouraging bone growth into the baseplate, securing the joint without cement. With cementless knees, surgeons and patients don’t have to worry about cement-related risks or allergy.

TekniPlex Healthcare Introduces Antimicrobial Compounds for Medical Devices

TekniPlex Healthcare, which specializes in advanced materials science that delivers better patient outcomes, has introduced antimicrobial medical compounds in the patient-contact products, including connectors, catheters, gas hoses, syringes, and needle-free injectors. The compounds neutralize bacteria, and their introduction goes a long way towards aiding the fight against hospital-acquired infections.

The Importance of Collaboration with Partners in a Disrupted Healthcare Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of medical devices, the ability to pivot quickly when faced with disruptions is crucial. The strength of collaboration with partners can be the difference between surviving and thriving. A key component is to learn to love diagnostics and ensure that the central goal of customized patient care is always at the forefront of the discussion.

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